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Toyota Glanza

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This is my beloved 1999 Toyota Glanza V.

I was dreaming and collecting money for it for 2 years and then took me another year of searching all the car dealers to find it 🙂

What I was seeking for, was the facelift model (1998+), turbo model, at good condition and with manual transmission of course! Therefore it took me a while to find something to cover all my needs. At that time for some reason all imported cars were automatic transmission, thing that made my research even tougher.


Mods is a weekly hobby for me and my friend Paris, so lots have happened since January 2003 when I originally purchased my baby 🙂

So I decided to make use of this idle blog to write up about my mods. Someone might find something useful in my posts or take ideas for his Glanza.


[CarPC] [Suspension] [Electronics] [Interior] [Exterior] [Engine] [Other]

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