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2-Way Alarm System

A MUST have thing to buy for your car is an alarm system. Nowadays even Cyprus is not as safe as it used to be 🙁 After some research, I ended up going cheap, with a chinese car alarm system on eBay. It has everything I was looking for, at a really low price… so […]

Paris’ Bday Card

After a long can’t-be-bothered-to-update time, I took the opportunity of a friend’s bday to write a new post and include some photos of his custom bday card. Hopefully he liked it and his present.  Happy bday Paris! Will c u in several days! CYPRUS POWER! 🙂

Carnival party LEDs costume

At last, carnival is here! And the University of Kent’s Greek Society organized a cool carnival party. As I didn’t have the chance to go to town shop a costume or any accessories, I decided to use some parts already available in my room 🙂 Recipe: 30 LEDs (UV/Blue/Orange/White), 4 batteries, switch, battery case, some […]

Violeta’s name-day present

I made this unique present to a friend of mine in 2006 for her name day. I couldn’t find any original worthy off-the-shelf present for her (easy way), so I decided to go through the hard way of making something myself. Especially at a time period, I was supposed to be studying for my final […]

Valentini’s Bday Present

Back in Kent (UK) in 2005, a friend had her Bday, so I decided to make something original & unique for her. With the help of lots of free time, several frozen pizzas’ polyester bases (!!!), plenty of LEDs, some batteries, a couple of resistors, a switch and my friend Kyriakos, the following item was […]

Aysen’s design present

Happy bday to my friend Aysen! It’s her Bday today, and I thought I could use my day to make her a special gift. All it took was some soldering, wiring, ideas, calculations… a battery case, switch, batteries, UV LEDs, morpplast, RJ45 sockets (???), blank DVDs’ base, and lots of patience and free time 🙂 […]

Custom keyrings for everybody ;)

February has been a pretty lazy month for me so far. No Uni homework or assignments, just some basic studying. So I had some free time to feel creative and make a set of custom keyrings for two of my dearest friends’s Bdays. I really enjoy giving original presents, and what’s more original than something useful […]

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