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LED side lights

The originally 5W small bulb used for side lights (1st stage of the lighting switch) was replaced by LED(s). This simple mod was revised several times so far. The first version was poorly made by a single 5mm white LED and a resistor inside the bulb holder’s base. The next version was based on the […]

TRD Quickshifter & Knob

I must admit that one of my least favorite mods, was the quick/short shifter. I got the official Toyota (TRD) quickshift kit, hoping to see some improvement at the gear changing. The installation was pretty straight forward. Normally takes 30-60 mins. There was indeed an improvement. The distance of my hand’s movement for each gear […]

Wider front fenders

For my 27th bday I didn’t receive any presents… my Glanza received all of them 🙂 I ordered several items for it, and one them was a pair of fiberglass fenders, 2cm wider than the stock ones. At first I didn’t really like the top shark style vents, they seemed too extreme for my humble […]

Blow off valve

The first (…and only so far) engine related modification my Glanza had, was the Blow off valve. What’s the point of having a turbo charged car if you don’t hear at every gear change the release of the pressure built? *wh00mpsh* 😉 There was no need to get an expensive one, as all I needed […]

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