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LEDs Rooflight

At some point I decided to replace the traditional roof light bulb with several LEDs. No apparent reason, I was just feeling creative ๐Ÿ™‚ I used 5x 5mm white LEDs on a plastic ring with an appropriate resistor. The resulting light intensity was a bit improved but nothing special. I believe that in the near […]

Monica’s bday design

Some time ago, my friend Monica was checking out my blog, and she got excited when she saw the various custom designed presents posted in it. So, tomorrow it’s her bday, and I decided to make something special for her. After some thinking, I came up with a design idea. Then using some basic materials […]

LED Taillights (Ver.2.0)

After spending some time of using the original version of my taillights, I found the energy, patience and time to make some improvements. What was the main priority, was to replace the top part of the taillight, the 2-stage driving lights/brake light, which wasn’t as great as I was originally planning. I started making plans […]

LED Taillights (Ver.1.0)

One of my longest lasting car projects, I believe is this one. I decided to make my Glanza more… modern looking. So I purchased off eBay plenty of high power 5mm red and orange LEDs, and started experimenting on a new taillights look. After taking my taillights apart, I discovered that each taillight is separated […]

Whiteline Anti-lift Caster Kit

In a quest of buying a new toy for my car, I came across an Australian company’s (Whiteline) product list for Starlets/Glanzas. In their products I found a very interesting item. A set of bushes the company named them “Anti-lift kit”. According to the provided information, these bushes dramatically improve the handling of Starlets, by […]

LEDs front indicators

In the process of “LEDding” up my car, I couldn’t leave out the trafficators. I replaced each of the original 25W bulbs with 15 amber 5mm LEDs. I placed the LEDs in sets of 5s in vertical and structured them using the anorthodox method of glued together cable tights(!?) Oh well… it was late at […]

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