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Monica’s bday design

Some time ago, my friend Monica was checking out my blog, and she got excited when she saw the various custom designed presents posted in it. So, tomorrow it’s her bday, and I decided to make something special for her. After some thinking, I came up with a design idea. Then using some basic materials […]

Paris’ Bday Card

After a long can’t-be-bothered-to-update time, I took the opportunity of a friend’s bday to write a new post and include some photos of his custom bday card. Hopefully he liked it and his present.  Happy bday Paris! Will c u in several days! CYPRUS POWER! 🙂

Carnival party LEDs costume

At last, carnival is here! And the University of Kent’s Greek Society organized a cool carnival party. As I didn’t have the chance to go to town shop a costume or any accessories, I decided to use some parts already available in my room 🙂 Recipe: 30 LEDs (UV/Blue/Orange/White), 4 batteries, switch, battery case, some […]

Violeta’s name-day present

I made this unique present to a friend of mine in 2006 for her name day. I couldn’t find any original worthy off-the-shelf present for her (easy way), so I decided to go through the hard way of making something myself. Especially at a time period, I was supposed to be studying for my final […]

Valentini’s Bday Present

Back in Kent (UK) in 2005, a friend had her Bday, so I decided to make something original & unique for her. With the help of lots of free time, several frozen pizzas’ polyester bases (!!!), plenty of LEDs, some batteries, a couple of resistors, a switch and my friend Kyriakos, the following item was […]

Aysen’s design present

Happy bday to my friend Aysen! It’s her Bday today, and I thought I could use my day to make her a special gift. All it took was some soldering, wiring, ideas, calculations… a battery case, switch, batteries, UV LEDs, morpplast, RJ45 sockets (???), blank DVDs’ base, and lots of patience and free time 🙂 […]

Custom keyrings for everybody ;)

February has been a pretty lazy month for me so far. No Uni homework or assignments, just some basic studying. So I had some free time to feel creative and make a set of custom keyrings for two of my dearest friends’s Bdays. I really enjoy giving original presents, and what’s more original than something useful […]

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