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LEDs Rooflight

At some point I decided to replace the traditional roof light bulb with several LEDs. No apparent reason, I was just feeling creative 🙂 I used 5x 5mm white LEDs on a plastic ring with an appropriate resistor. The resulting light intensity was a bit improved but nothing special. I believe that in the near […]

LED Taillights (Ver.2.0)

After spending some time of using the original version of my taillights, I found the energy, patience and time to make some improvements. What was the main priority, was to replace the top part of the taillight, the 2-stage driving lights/brake light, which wasn’t as great as I was originally planning. I started making plans […]

LED Taillights (Ver.1.0)

One of my longest lasting car projects, I believe is this one. I decided to make my Glanza more… modern looking. So I purchased off eBay plenty of high power 5mm red and orange LEDs, and started experimenting on a new taillights look. After taking my taillights apart, I discovered that each taillight is separated […]

Whiteline Anti-lift Caster Kit

In a quest of buying a new toy for my car, I came across an Australian company’s (Whiteline) product list for Starlets/Glanzas. In their products I found a very interesting item. A set of bushes the company named them “Anti-lift kit”. According to the provided information, these bushes dramatically improve the handling of Starlets, by […]

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