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Future Mods

Some mods I might consider/attempt in the near future are: a Limited Slip Differential (LSD) a 6-speed gearbox (from a Corolla G6)…if I ever find one! a 55W HID foglights kit (Installed – 29/08/2008) a front spoiler lip (already purchased) (Abandoned – Lip won’t fit correctly 🙁 ) Aluminium door sills (already purchased) (Installed – […]

Mobile Phone Holder

I’ve been driving around Protaras yesterday and since my CarPC is being in the process of upgrade, I found my phone’s GPS navigation pretty handy a couple of times. It successfully guided through shortcuts, on my way home, beating Protaras’ awful afternoon traffic. Unfortunately my Glanza, unlike my dad’s 2006 Toyota Yaris RS, has very […]

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