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CarPC v.2.1 Project


This is just a minor update from my previous CarPC v.2.0 setup, but I decided to document it in order to add further details and photos missing from my original post.

The only hardware changes in this new setup are:

  • the removal of the laptop DVD drive, since I never used it all these years.
  • the replacement of the ancient 2.5″ 60Gb IDE HD, with a 2.5″ 250Gb SATA one.

In addition to the above changes, I created a custom bay on the dashboard out of the housing of an external 2.5″ USB HD, where the DVD drive used to be, to easily eject/insert the SATA hard disk.

Since I had to reinstall Windows XP from scratch, I took my time to unload a big list applications and services normally starting on every boot, to avoid stressing the under powered 1.2GHz Celeron processor.

There is not much more to add, I will let you enjoy the long overdue pictures of the project. More information and specs can be found in my previous post (CarPC v.2.0) 🙂

Updated: May 3, 2020 — 5:27 pm
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