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Spiceworks network inventory/monitoring tool

While looking for methods for making an inventory of the Windows/Office  licenses in a 100+ PCs network, I came across Spiceworks. A free inventory and monitoring tool, rapidly developed over the past years.

After using it for the first 10 minutes, I had to stop because I was salivating on my keyboard, out of IT-happiness 😀

Spiceworks is the ultimate tool for any system administrator! It offers a huge range of useful features to help you monitor and manage your systems in any size of network, enabling you to run a proper IT helpdesk.

Some key features in a glance are:

  • Active Directory integration (started from its latest version, 5)
  • Detailed Hardware and Software inventory of multiple networks (CPU/RAM/HD/maker/licenses/installed programs etc)
  • Devices’ monitoring and alerting (server going down, low ink in printers, disk space running low etc)
  • Helpdesk page for users to raise support tickets and get remote assistance (via LogMeIn)
  • Has a huge community (1+M people) behind it, providing excellent support via forums
  • It is installed on a server and it can be fully managed from anywhere over web interface

Words are not enough to describe how helpful Spiceworks is, for the IT department’s daily tasks.

Personally, it has saved me tons of time until now, and made part of my job much easier. It is a MUST-have tool and I highly recommend it to any IT professional or hobbyist. Give it a try today, after all this golden piece of software is FREE!

Updated: January 13, 2011 — 6:14 pm


  1. Thanks so much for helping to promote Spiceworks. If your readers would like more information on our free network management tools and help desk software, they can visit us at

    Thanks again for the support!

    -Jason S., Spiceworks Online Marketing Manager

  2. Spicework is Crap. The error rate is so high that you can’t trust it.

  3. What are you talking about namesake-Frank?
    I never had any issues with it.
    At the moment I am not using Spiceworks for monitoring/alerting, but it carries out perfectly all other tasks. Most importantly the inventory!

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