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Ubuntu in my life

A long time ago (Windows 95 long time ago), I attempted experimenting with Linux (Red Hat), with no particular success.Tux

After going through an odyssey to install, I finally managed to boot Red Hat… but my experience ended there more or less. My crappy modem (MWave 28.8K, ISA… good times! ๐Ÿ™‚ ย ) wouldn’t work under Linux, so I gave up.

More than a decade later, I came across Linux again. This time at my work environment, where Linux (Fedora) was my department’s primary Operating System.

I really liked what I saw. All the handy network tools, rock solid stability, great applications with a โ‚ฌ0 price tag, etc! Of course we are in Cyprus, where nobody seems to care paying for software, but why using illegal methods to have something that already exists in free form?

After a quick research, Ubuntu seemed to be the most popular distribution, so I downloaded it, tested it for a while off a live-CD, and installed it on my primary PC …and no, I am not skipping any steps, the process was as quick and easy as I described ๐Ÿ™‚

Back in 90’s I never thought this process would ever be simpler than installing Windows. When installing Linux, deep inside, I knew that I was compromising ease and simplicity, for a freely distributed, more complex Operating System.
But nowadays, THIS IS NOT THE CASE!

I was amazed on how much Linux installation had simplified over time. As a matter of fact, I knock my head on the wall, for not trying again with Linux earlier.
Having a fully functioning OS running off a Live-CD (no installation required) with a FREE copy of Open Office (as opposed to the so expensive MS Office) pre-installed, would have saved me from a lot of frustration during my university years!

There were so many times, my Windows (Vista, supplied by the Uni) went nuts, and I was up all night long troubleshooting, so I can get back precious system up and running to finish my assignments. Oh… “good” old times!!!
Even if you are not considering switching to Linux, I highly recommend to everybody and especially students, to have an Ubuntu CD handy. It can really save you!

For the past years Ubuntu has been my primary desktop and netbook Operating System, and my experience with it was very pleasant. There is a lot of serious development taking place behind it, and support can be easily obtained, if needed, through various forums.

The purpose of this post, is just for a quick introduction Ubuntu into my (blog) life. Future posts with helpful tips will follow, trying to gather together a list with the most useful Linux/Ubuntu utilities, apps, tools, etc.

Maybe a Linux based CarPC is on its way too ๐Ÿ™‚

Until further Linux-related posts, here is a small list with my favorite ย penguin-powered sites:

Updated: May 3, 2020 — 5:29 pm

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