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Radio Remote Control Extension

Due to the new CarPC installation (CarPC V.2), some changes had to be made regarding the audio system. I didn’t want to totally replace my humble Kenwood MP3 player with the CarPC itself, just in case I face any problems with the CarPC, to have a backup plan.

But I had no extra DIN slots available for this. So instead of removing it, I simply relocated it to… the floor, behind the dashboard, between the passenger’s and driver’s feet 🙂

This made all controls unusable though. So I ordered Kenwood’s “wired” remote control. I’m saying “wired”, because this controller is just an infrared LED attached on a wire, terminating on a small remote control.

When it arrived though, I was very disappointed to discover that the wire was approximately 20cm long only! How can that be of any use???

But anyway, the wired remote contained no high tech electronics, so I simply used a CAT5 network cable to extend it by around 1m. I installed the remote control on the dashboard infront of me, under the turbo timer, and the infrared LED right on top of the Kenwood radio. Everything worked like a charm! 🙂

Updated: October 13, 2008 — 4:52 am

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