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A’pexi Turbo Timer

Even before purchasing my Glanza, I had already started looking for a turbo timer. This is a MUST item for every turbo-charged vehicle (if you want your turbo to live longer).

Most of the turbo times I came across, had a similar look. Several buttons, a display and a big-ish box. After some research, I found a nice, small (pen style) turbo timer, with great control interface (joystick), made by A’pexi.

It can be easily preset, disabled, or set to detect the driving style/duration and automatically set the cool down period of the car before it switches it off.

[UPDATE 20/09/08]: after several years of flawless operation, lately my turbo timer started acting weirdly. It wouldn’t always turn on, and when it did, sometimes it was just for seconds. Today I checked all the wiring, but that wasn’t the case. Then I started re-flowing the whole board… but still nothing 🙁

After a long troubleshooting day, I discovered that the problem was with the turbo timer’s relay %#$%#$%@ :@

The relay is a Fujitsu 512ND12-W, rated to a minimum 200.000 (YEAH RIGHT!!!). Unfortunately the specific relay is nowhere to be found on eBay. I was able to locate many electronic component sites selling these relays, but they all had a $200+ minimum order restriction.

While googling for a replacement relay, I came across a very interesting article regarding counterfeit Apexi turbo timers. Fortunately mine is the original…but yet faulty! :/

[UPDATE 21/09/08]: who said that violence is not a solution to anything? After some brute force against the relay, the problem seems to be fixed so far.

Lesson of the day… if you have a faulty relay, simply beat the crap out of it 😛

Updated: September 20, 2008 — 4:32 pm

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