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Mobile Phone Holder

I’ve been driving around Protaras yesterday and since my CarPC is being in the process of upgrade, I found my phone’s GPS navigation pretty handy a couple of times. It successfully guided through shortcuts, on my way home, beating Protaras’ awful afternoon traffic.

Unfortunately my Glanza, unlike my dad’s 2006 Toyota Yaris RS, has very limited spaces to store/place your phone. So today I decided to install a mobile phone holder in my car. The holder I already had available, was designed to clip on the air vents (ouch), or stick with 3M tape on the dash. Neither of the originally offered choices was wise, and using a glass-suction type phone holder was out of the question. They look really ugly.

By breaking off a small part of the air vents’ clip and loosing up a bit the screws of the dash, I was able to install the holder underneath the mirrors’ controls. After tightening the screws, the holder stayed in place, and it’s definitely not going anywhere.

This is more like a recommendation to anyone having a Starlet/Glanza, rather than a real mod 🙂

Updated: August 12, 2008 — 9:01 pm
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