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Toyota Door Sills

Ebay keeps reminding me that I NEED to buy stuff. Thus I bought these rare aluminium Toyota door sills as soon as it was listed 🙂

My sweet new purchase, arrived to my doorstep from Japan in only 2 days!!! As soon as I received them, I started looking a set of high quality Glanza stickers, to replace the original “Starlet” logo, but unfortunately I didn’t have any luck finding such a thing on eBay. Also I couldn’t find online any good quality “Glanza” logo graphic, to have it locally printed and cut 🙁

So today, I got fed up having the door sills sitting in my room, so I decided to install them. The installation procedure was straight forward. The door sills are placed under the lower original protective plastic of the doors. I used some extra powerful double face, rated to hold 50Kg in the air. I hope I will never have to remove them 🙂

[UPDATE: 11/07/08]

Finally! I found an eBay seller who was able to make a set of custom dimensions Glanza logo, out of high quality vynil. So I ordered a set of 250x25mm Glanza decals, in gray color from him.

I must admit, that gray wasn’t the best color choice after all. Black would look much better. But it is still good enough to not bother changing it for the next 5 years 🙂

Updated: May 3, 2020 — 5:39 pm
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