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Glove box compartment lighting

One thing I always missing from my car, was opening the glove box compartment in a dark night, and be able find what you are actually looking for (rather to the traditional blind trial & error method) 😛

All it took to fulfill my dream (duh), was four 10mm LEDs (supposed to output 12-15 lumens), a microswitch, some wires and a resistor.

After putting those together into a series circuit, and connecting it through the switch to switched 12V (when ignition ON), everything was ready. The switch was placed at the glove box’s sides, where it perfectly fitted in a plastic’s slot. When the glove box is closed, the LEDs switch off… as it should.

Also in the picture above, shows the Holux GPS receiver used for satellite navigation in combination with the CarPC. The receiver has connected on it an external antenna for improved reception and a USB cable for charging. It’s placed in the glove box’s wall with velcro, making it easily removable in case I need to use it on my cell phone or something.

[UPDATE: 10/07/08]

I decided to improve this mod, so I replaced the 4 10mm white LEDs, with an aluminium board with 24 surface mounted white LEDs. It gives a more solid light result, rather than 4 bright spots 🙂

Updated: July 10, 2008 — 2:51 am
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