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LED Taillights (Ver.2.0)

After spending some time of using the original version of my taillights, I found the energy, patience and time to make some improvements. What was the main priority, was to replace the top part of the taillight, the 2-stage driving lights/brake light, which wasn’t as great as I was originally planning.

I started making plans on a new design for the big spacey upper part of my taillights. I decided to use high power 10mm red LEDs instead of the 5mm used so far.

The new LEDs circuit board, added a third function to the 2 original ones (driving lights & brake light). I took this chance to make my Glanza “Euro-specs”, by creating and wiring a set of fog-lights.

So each of the new LEDs circuits, includes a total of 42 big bright red LEDs.

The top 16 closely gathered LEDs are used as the newly implemented fog-lights.

The 16 spreaded around LEDs in the middle, are used as breaking light.

Finally the lower 10 LEDs, are used as driving lights.

Each of the 3 parts is powered by voltage regulating circuits (using LM317 voltage regulator ICs), calculated and designed according to the needs of this mod.

The new circuit board was screwed into place, in the taillight’s casing, with the regulator circuits packed well at the back.

Also, I took this chance of working again on the taillights, and improved the cabling of the whole design. I used 9-pin male/female plugs to connect the whole taillight to the car’s circuitry. This way the taillights are very easily removable for any future works.

This new taillights version, are way brighter than the previous one, and installed more carefully. Unfortunately there is still a small issue to be solved in the close future, when I get the time and patience to revisit this mod.

The whole top part, is installed too deep in the taillight housing and in combination with the covers’ reflectors, the light is not linear at every point.

I’m making thoughts of resolving this issue by placing small 10mm diameter clear plastic tubes over each LED, guiding the light closer to the reflective taillight housing covers.

Updated: May 3, 2020 — 5:44 pm

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