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Whiteline Anti-lift Caster Kit

In a quest of buying a new toy for my car, I came across an Australian company’s (Whiteline) product list for Starlets/Glanzas. In their products I found a very interesting item. A set of bushes the company named them “Anti-lift kit”. According to the provided information, these bushes dramatically improve the handling of Starlets, by applying a different angle to the front wheels’ arms.

This prevents the car’s “face” to lift during acceleration. Thing especially useful when there is an extra overweight audio system in the boot 🙂

The kit arrived via DHL in less than a week, and some time later I had it eventually installed. The old screws had to be cut off in order to install this kit, but the kit arrived with its own screws anyway.

The difference of my car’s handling was obvious from the first 10m. I could accelerate hard with minimum wheel spinning and not viewing the sky for a change! At last!

After such a modification, I should have my steering wheel aligned, so I did. The mechanic who worked on aligning my car, also had a Starlet GT, and he was so excited when he saw the caster kit, he ordered me one for himself 🙂

Updated: April 15, 2008 — 2:34 pm


  1. Nice! I have been eyeing out a set of these for my Tercel. Just curious about the aligning. did the mechanic say whether or not it was badly out of alignment. Just thinking if installing these throw out the algnment all that much. Do they?

  2. Well… after installing this kit, the wheels will be severely misaligned due to the different angle.. You will definitely need to do a wheel alignment.
    But that’s all. No further issues after that.
    Wheels get aligned perfectly and you up to go!
    I believe it is a very good low cost mod for your Tercel, which will give you a sportier driving feeling and improved stability.

  3. If I communicated I could thank you eonguh for this, I’d be lying.

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