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LED side lights

The originally 5W small bulb used for side lights (1st stage of the lighting switch) was replaced by LED(s). This simple mod was revised several times so far.

The first version was poorly made by a single 5mm white LED and a resistor inside the bulb holder’s base.

The next version was based on the same concept… a small resistor in the holder, but this time on top of it, a small circuit board was mounted with 5 white 5mm LEDs.

Next, I decided to use a single LED again. But this time it was a pretty powerful 10mm white 0,5W LED, supposed to output to output 15 luments.

Eventually I decided to go commercial. Instead of the previous DIY methods, this time I used a ready sold 1W tiny circuit board bought on eBay. Due to it’s 90 degrees angle, it outputs the light on the headlights’ reflectors, giving a nice white light to the whole headlight housing.

Updated: April 14, 2008 — 5:18 am
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