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A/C Controls LED Lighting

I got kinda bored of the standard green-ish A/C controls found on most Japanese cars produced in 90’s.

So one day I decided to give it a try and make something different. Make my Glanza a bit unique 🙂

After several attempts I decided lighting up the controls using orange LEDs (like the dash’s dials), and the temperature set knob using red and blue LEDs.

Approximately 18-20 LEDs were used in total to produce the following result:

All the LEDs are held into place with the help of a special mouldable plastic, which I made it to perfectly fit behind the controls. Too bad I only have normal airconditioning system though. I would love to have climate control. It would be easier to mod, as it contains less movable parts.

I found an EP91 Starlet climate control head unit on eBay several months ago. and I was about to purchase it. But then I discovered that there are plenty more sensors and control electronics involved in order to have such a system installed, therefore I quitted that idea 🙁

Updated: May 3, 2020 — 5:50 pm


  1. Hello Frank,

    how do u did the special mouldable plastic for it?…im looking forward to do the same with my glanza.

  2. It’s a material called Morph Plast. I got it off ebay several years ago, but I can’t find any anymore.
    Maybe there are similar products available

  3. do you have a picture of the plastic that you did with the Morph Plast?

  4. It’s the same material used for these:

    Actually after a quick google search I found several Morphplast sellers.

  5. Sorry, don’t have any photos of the molded plastic.
    More or less it was a thick line around the various controls’ positions, with LEDs planted in it

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