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On/Off Dash Switches

I was so bored one afternoon that I sat down thinking of what I could do on my car to kill some time. So I decided to make use of the empty space on the dash found near the mirrors controls. 🙂

This way I could easily gain control to various devices. I bough 3 On/Off switches and after removing some of their additional plastic surrounding, they were a perfect fit for the empty space. They would even clip in place as if they were meant for this use 🙂

The bottom switch is a kill-switch for the CarPC, in case it crashes or I don’t want it to switch on automatically.

The middle switch switches on/off the rear LED fog lights.

And the top switch…. no idea yet. It’s for future use. As soon as I find a use for it I will update this post 🙂

Updated: April 13, 2008 — 2:09 am
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