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Electroluminated dials

It was another typical boring morning, when I woke up and as usually the first thing I did was to refresh an eBay search with a variety of keywords relevant to Starlet, Glanza, etc. Yeah yeah… routine 🙂

But this time I saw something new… someone has produced and listed on eBay a set of custom made electroluminated dials for Glanzas! There was even a “Glanza V” logo on them. It was the first time to see such an item for my car. It made my day! 😉

I ordered the item and it arrived a week later. The kit contained a transformer, a 2-button (up/down) flat control unit, and 4 electroluminated backgrounds for the dials (Km/h, Mph, revs & engine temp/fuel). It looked pretty cool, but after I connected it to my lab power supply the result was even cooler!

Using the up/down controls I was able to adjust the brightness/color of the dials. As soon as I had some free time, I started taking apart my dash, taking out the speedo, and installed the new EL backgrounds on top of the original ones (only had to remove and reinstall the small screws).

The control buttons were installed behind the steering wheel, at an easily accessible position, just in case I wanted to do any changes.

Some might find this new look too much, but I loved it 🙂

Updated: May 3, 2020 — 5:50 pm


  1. hey man are you from cyprus? cuz im cypriot too..
    anw i want to know where did you find the Electroluminated dials and the carbon fibre background for the speedos..pls reply

    regards, Cmario

  2. Hi,
    I was seeing these electroluminated plasma dials you fitted on your glanza and they look pretty awesome 😀

    Can you guide me from where you bought them because I cant find any on ebay 🙁


    1. Unfortunately they seem to have disappeared from the face of the Earth 🙁
      Many people have asked me about them. Their ebay seller hasn’t listed any more of these, and he won’t reply to my emails :/

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