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Bi-Xenon Headlights

I must admit, that one of the most useful items I bought for my car, was the HID Kit (Xenon).

I purchased the kit from eBay and it arrived quickly in a very presentative box.

Its specifications are:

  • Bulb type: H4 (Bi-Xenon => high & low positions are both Xenon)
  • 35W power (compared to 55W of the halogen)
  • 6000K color temperature (bright white)
  • 2900 lumens brightness (compared to the poor <1000 lumens halogens)
  • Up to 10 times more bulbs life over halogen bulbs

Their installation was pretty straight forward. It should take me around half an hour to install if I didn’t take my time seeking for the ultimate location in the engine bay to install the ballasts. Eventually they were installed at the outside of the engine bay, under the fenders.

After that delay, everything moved a lot faster and as soon as the sun went down, the installation was completed. Perfect timing for a test 🙂

Normally, cars with Xenon lights in Europe, are supposed to have projectors (lenses) in their headlights, in order to beam the correct light form pattern, due to the light being so bright. Unfortunately such projectors are not available for my car, so I took a risk buying a xenon kit. Using only the traditional headlight reflectors, the beam pattern could be ridiculous or unacceptable for street use. But fortunately this wasn’t the case.

Glanza’s reflectors are capable of successfully handling such bright beams. In Japan, headlight lenses for Xenon lights is not a compulsory part. Even the big manufactures many times don’t use them on the very latest car models.

In the near future, i will be purchasing a second xenon kit, for my fog lights. Glanzas’ fog lights use H3D bulbs (!?!?!?), which are nowhere to be found. The closest matches are the H3C and H3 (with a small modification). The original Glanza fog light bulbs are only 35W, I tried replacing them with a pair of 50W halogen bulbs, and the result was… blindful! The reflection was all over the place!!

So installing xenon fog lights, will mean only 1 thing. I should never use them unless are really needed. So I decided to take it even further. “If I’m going to use them only in extreme foggy conditions, let’s get the most powerful!”

So most probably I will end up purchasing a powerful 50W Xenon kit, 3000K color temperature (golden light), with a light output of over 4200 lumens!!! When switched on, I believe the results will be destructive 🙂

I sure hope nobody will be in front of me at that point 🙂

But anyway. More on this future mod, in one of my posts to follow.


UPDATE 11/1/12 : Bi-Xenon Headlights V2.0 (Projectors)

Updated: May 3, 2020 — 5:52 pm


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