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Wider front fenders

For my 27th bday I didn’t receive any presents… my Glanza received all of them 🙂

I ordered several items for it, and one them was a pair of fiberglass fenders, 2cm wider than the stock ones.

At first I didn’t really like the top shark style vents, they seemed too extreme for my humble car 🙂

But then again, the model of these fenders without the vents was a lot more expensive, and of lower quality. I made some thoughts of shutting the vents before painting the fenders, but I decided to keep them, as they are kind of discrete after all (unless you look at them from a specific angle).

As soon as I had these toys painted at the Super White II (040) color I began with their installation.

The whole process took me a single dirty day, with lots of pain 😐

If I only knew in advance what kind of clips I would require to reinstall the fenders, it would make the whole process a lot easier! But anyway, I eventually managed to complete their installation successfully 😀

The main idea that led me buying these fenders, is that I haven’t seen such a thing on a Glanza in Cyprus. So it’s a good opportunity to promote them like this, and find some potential buyers. Anybody interest? 😉

Updated: May 3, 2020 — 5:52 pm


  1. geia sou.apo pou mporw na ta vrw auta ta ftera?

  2. Hello.
    Kitakse sto, prepi na ta exoune akoma

  3. exeis k facebook moipws?thelw na sou diksw to glanza pou ekana

  4. hi how much would it be for the 2 fenders……………and do u have anymore body parts?

  5. Hello Shane.
    RHD Japan still sells 2 kind of such fenders:

    I think the Cruise brand ones look better, but they are twice the price.
    Enjoy your Glanza parts shopping 🙂

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