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Blow off valve

The first (…and only so far) engine related modification my Glanza had, was the Blow off valve. What’s the point of having a turbo charged car if you don’t hear at every gear change the release of the pressure built? *wh00mpsh* 😉

There was no need to get an expensive one, as all I needed was to replace the plastic & silent OEM one. So I went for a cheap aluminium Turbosmart one.


While on this subject, I believe it’s good to provide some additional useful information.

While stock Glanzas work at 0.65bar boost, the 1st gear is limited at 0.35bar (if you drive a Glanza I bet you can think why’s that) 🙂

Also boost at 2nd gear is a bit limited as well i believe. There is a very simple method to overcome these limitations, just by replacing the end point of 2 solenoids.


This modification though, disables the car’s low/high boost mode selection. The car will always work at full boost. Resulting into… more fun 🙂

Updated: April 7, 2008 — 5:22 am
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