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2-Way Alarm System

A MUST have thing to buy for your car is an alarm system. Nowadays even Cyprus is not as safe as it used to be 🙁

After some research, I ended

up going cheap, with a chinese car alarm system on eBay.

It has everything I was looking for, at a really low price… so I decided to take the risk 🙂

It’s 2-way and has features such us remote start, supports multiple sensors (shock, glass break, infrared scanner etc), driver call function, long range RF remote control with LCD and so on.

At least I got to replace the OEM cheapo infrared keyless entry system, which only worked from 1-2 meters away from the car, and it was easilly copy-able with a simple PDA with infrared.

So far I’m happy with my small investment, everything works fine. Sometime later I decider to hide the alarm’s antenna under the driver’s pillar bar plastic, to tide up the installation (see picture).



Updated: May 3, 2020 — 5:54 pm
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