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Audio system

The first thing I started looking for as soon as I got my baby (Glanza), was a sound system to keep up with the high volume music I used to listen in my old Corolla 😉

Thank god at that time, my friend Paris was studying at the States… so I had access to purchase items from a wide variety of items! So more or less my whole sound system of my car was bought from the US.

The initial purchase included:

  • Lanzar 6 channel 1600W RMS amplifier
  • Audiofonics ADF-292 2000W (1000W RMS) dual voice coil 30Kg subwoofer
  • Audiobahn 6×9″ 200W RMS 4-way rear speakers
  • Xplor 80W 4″ 3 way front speakers (Useless cheap speakers, burnt)
  • American Accessories 1.2 Farad capacitor (Died 2 years later)
  • Kenwood MP3 CD player (currently can’t recall the model)
  • Full cabling for the installation

Final cost was around 300 pounds total!!! With such money I could probably get the MP3 Player only from Cypus 😉

I had a custom made heavy duty ported box made for the subwoofer according to its specifications. Also I replaced the weak original parcel shelf with a custome made one out of thick wood, in order to install the amplifier, speakers and capacitor on it.

With the help of a friend specialized on car audio installations, I had everything in place and running in no time. I was happy with the whole system, except the front speakers. They were a big let down. Fortunately I didn’t have to tolerate them for much longer, as at some point one of them was burnt. So I got myself a set of Kenwood
KFC-P403 4″ component speakers, rated at 80W RMS.

Finally the capacitor some day decided to drop its voltage down to 0V and then never switch on again. I guess it couldn’t handle the Cyprus sun any longer, sitting at the rear window 🙂

A replacement arrived from eBay. This time I decided to go for a good brand, so I got a 3 Farad SoundStream capacitor.

Currently I don’t have any plans for upgrading anything of my sound system, unless something fails. It’s already too much carrying an additional 70-80Kg weight! :S

[UPDATE 05/10/08]: Due to the new CarPC installation (CarPC V.2), some changes had to be made regarding the audio system. I didn’t want to totally replace my humble Kenwood MP3 player with the CarPC itself, just in case I face any problems with the CarPC, to have a backup plan. So for this reason, I decided to modify and install Kenwood’s official remote control.

Updated: May 3, 2020 — 5:57 pm


  1. Limited Alloy Wheels

    It was a pleasure finding this, thanks for meeting my needs here.

  2. Wow, Took a while before finding this site. While I was sharing this page on my facebook page, i realize the rss feeds didn’t work. Do check on it using feedburner ya!

  3. hi frank..

    not sure you remember me. we spoke a while back when i was interested in your EL dials for the glanza. i’ve put in some work (that’s still on-going) on my mine too. i thought i’d share here:

    you still haven’t changed your mind about the EL dials..? 😀 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Hello Eric,

      Good hearing from you.
      Nice ride, and great mods! Keep up the good work 🙂
      I see you didn’t have much luck finding such dials on ebay eh? 🙁
      Unfortunately I like mine too much to let them go! It’s weird and sad that such a great mod part, is not available anymore

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