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Carnival party LEDs costume

At last, carnival is here! And the University of Kent’s Greek Society organized a cool carnival party.
As I didn’t have the chance to go to town shop a costume or any accessories, I decided to use some parts already available in my room 🙂
Recipe: 30 LEDs (UV/Blue/Orange/White), 4 batteries, switch, battery case, some free time, plenty of CAT6 network cable and lot’s of imagination & patience 🙂
As far as I know, most people found it cool and original (especially a girl who was trying to pull a LED from me, hoping it would stay on wirelessly). DUH!
Finally I’d like to add a message for 2 very good friends of mine who came at the party. “IF YOU CAN’T HANDLE ALCOHOL, DON’T DRINK IT” 😛

Updated: May 3, 2020 — 5:57 pm
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