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CYTA… Insecuring people

Before I start, I would like to emphasize that i am not a “hacker”, neither a security expert. I am just another judgmental, pretty-disappointed Cyta subscriber, who enjoys messing around 🙂   It hasn’t been long since CYTA received a serious security blow, when all of their subscribers’ DSL Access and Cytanet credentials, including email […]

Ubuntu in my life

A long time ago (Windows 95 long time ago), I attempted experimenting with Linux (Red Hat), with no particular success. After going through an odyssey to install, I finally managed to boot Red Hat… but my experience ended there more or less. My crappy modem (MWave 28.8K, ISA… good times! 🙂  ) wouldn’t work under […]

Retro/Redundant Technology

I finally got some days off work, so I decided to go through my messy room (aka chaos, lab, storage place, etc) and put some order. So far it’s been very tiring and very time consuming, but very entertaining… thus I decided to write a quick post to show my findings. It feels so great […]

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