A little something for my friend Yianna (ॐ)

Posted in Stuff by admin on May 31st, 2010

My dear old friend Yianna turned… 24 ( ;) ) lately. Knowing that she enjoys uniqueness…I decided to make something special for her.

Since she has a thing for the symbol  ॐ  (wikipedia’s explanation wasn’t very insightful on this matter I can say), I focused my design around it.

Basic parts/tools of the whole design were:

  • small plastic project box
  • semi-transparent perspex
  • the obvious electronic parts blue LEDs/switch/battery holder
  • patience
  • black glossy paint
  • black paper
  • etc

Hope she likes it :)


2 Responses to “A little something for my friend Yianna (ॐ)”

  1. Stefanos Demetriou Says:

    You are such a sweetie!

  2. Yiannalicious Says:

    mana mou reeeeeeeeeeee…super sweetie..he is the best! frankie we love u!

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